Bøler Church, from the gate into the Holy Place, a courtyard between  the confirmand hall and the chapel.

Bøler Church, from the gate into the Holy Place, a courtyard between the confirmand hall and the chapel.

From the church courtyard. The glazed upper level corridor connects the church offices.

The copper clad main church space. Below the the parish kindergarten, with access to outdoor play areas.

The church courtyard with the entrance to the confirmand hall.

View from the approach ramp.

The Chapel.

Bench seat in the entry, stair to the offices above.

Entrance to the main church space.

The main church space.

From the gallery.

Main altar.

Confirmand hall.

Side altar.

The parish kindergarten below the main church space.

The outdoor Holy Place between the confirmand hall and the chapel.

The main church courtyard and entrance.

The approach ramp at night.


The new Bøler Church is the result of an open architectural competition in 2004. The church stretches across a falling terrain, with the main functions either elevated on a plateau or dug into the ground. The main spaces are oriented vertically and connected by a processional axis. Administrative and support functions are located in the side wings. There is a parish kindergarten and youth club at basement level.

The main church hall is entered through an anteroom, and the ceiling lifts towards the far wall. The glazed areas of the sidewalls give glimpses of the vegetation outside and the shifting seasons. The main roof structure is steel, supported by brick and concrete and concealed by a timber ceiling. Flat roofs have a green sedum covering.

Furnishings in the main church hall are designed by Hole design AS in collaboration with the architects.

Landscape architecture

The main focus of the landscaping around Bøler Church has been to welcome people and lead them around. The characteristics of the site are the nearby Bøler brook, the view of the Østensjøvannet Lake and the forest to the north. The main materials are in-situ concrete, used throughout to negotiate the varied terrain. The play areas for the kindergarten are filled and screened to protect the children from the nearby noisy road, and have access to the forest.

The main approach is flanked by cherry trees and lighting bollards. The outdoor spaces of the church are paved in granite with details in corten steel.