Bok & Blues­huset connects the town with Lake 

Bok & Blues­huset connects the town with Lake Heddalsvatnet.

Amphitheatre facing the lake.

Main entrance.

The tower skylights provide daylight to the central spaces.

The Bok & Blueshuset at night.

Façade facing the water.

From the library, first floor.

From the central space, which opens down to the reception and exhibition area.

Live stage. Artwork: Ekko by Marius Martinussen.

Main entrance.

The Bok & Blueshuset at the end of the main street with a view of Lake Heddalsvatnet.

Playpark by the main entrance.

Site plan.

Plan level 1.

Plan level 2.

Plan level 3.


Bok & Blueshuset is a cultural centre incorporating several functions under one roof – a library, a cinema, a museum, a school of music and performing arts, a blues venue, a recording studio and administration offices for local cultural institutions. The building has a simple geometrical structure inspired by Notodden’s historical industrial architecture. Several volumes are stacked together enclosing a central “square”, where three towers bring daylight down into the interiors of the building. The three towers form a distinct silhouette, making Bok & Blueshuset a recognizable landmark. Inside, the tower spaces enable visual contact between the building’s different functions and provide views of the surrounding landscape through glazed façades. The building was planned as a wooden structure, but for financial reasons the wood was replaced with concrete. Outside, several new spaces have been created along lake Heddalsvatnet, providing public access to the waterfront.