The Eldmølla sauna under construction.

The Eldmølla sauna under construction.

A bridge cross the small ravine to the sauna entrance.

Footpath through the sauna.

The “Fire Mill”, a sauna.

The sauna is at the top of the structure.

The mountain stream runs right under the building.


Site plan.

Built by a studio at the architecture school in Trondheim, this sauna belongs to a mountain retreat in Valdres, and spans a small stream. The heated space is at the top, where the experience turns inwards, away from the spectacular surroundings.


Studio course: Typology/Topology/Tectonics, NTNU 2017

Course leaders: August Schmidt, ­Arnstein Gilberg, Ina Samdal

Students: Julie Allémann, Ana Baía, Quentin Desveaux, Roger Escorihuela, Rahel Haas, Anastasiia Ignatova, Feliks Ulvåen Isaksen, Agathe Ledoux, Louis Meny, Sebastià Mercadal, Adrienne Michels, Thuy Nguyen, Pierre-Louis Passard, Kristinn Pálsson, Benoît Perrier, Benedikt Profanter, Pedro Simões, Ninni Westerholm.

Video from the building prosess made by Benedikt Profaner can be found here: