South facing facade, toward the common farm yard.

From the sun-heated space facing the yard. The clay rendered thermal wall to the right.

The entrance space.

On the mezzanine.

Living room and kitchen.

The thermal wall running through the house is covered in clay render. The clay was dug on site.

Mixing the clay render.

The house is clad in charred mountain pine. The boards were tied into chimneys and charred on site.

From the charring process.

Entry level plan.

Lower floor plan.


This is a new family home built on an existing farm outside the centre of Trondheim. The site is on the edge of a plateau of clay, facing the farmyard and two existing ash trees. The main form of the new house reflects the typology of the existing farm, but the new house extends down to include a rental unit on the lower ground floor.

Ground and first floor are divided by a thermal concrete block wall, covered in clay render using clay from the site. The wall has an actively heated zone with heat pump heating to one side, but only passive heating of the side facing the yard. Natural convection driven ventilation distributes the active heat to other zones.