Weekend house at Sildegarnsholmen, Herøy

Weekend house at Sildegarnsholmen, Herøy

The small islet of Sildegarnsholmen seen from the northeast, looking across to Fosnavåg and Bergsøya.

East facade with the main entrance.

Living room and dining area.

The loft. Glass panels in the floor at the stairs bring daylight into the centre of the building. All floor elements are at the same level, allowing for a long table.

Unheated lobby with outdoor sink and dining table.

The AV-room. Daylight comes from below.

The facade is open when the house is in use.

The kitchen.

Sealable door to plant room.

The house on the barge, ready to go.Foto: Hans Olav Hasund

The steel structure is constructed off-site. Foto: Knut Hjeltnes

House lifted and ready to land. Foto: Hans Olav Hasund

The islet during a storm flood. Foto: Petter Straume

Site plan. The weekend house at Sildegarnsholmen marked in red.

Plan 1.

Plan 2.

Plan 3.


Detail section through external wall.

Detail section through the roof, with rooflight.

The house replaces an old warehouse that was washed out to sea in a storm in 1992. Flood level tides can reduce the islet to half size, so expecting future storms, water can penetrate the ground floor without causing damage.

The main structure consists of seven steel frames, protected by a timber façade with a number of hinged and sliding panels. The inside spaces on the ground floor are bounded by steel and glass walls. On the level above, four timber volumes have been inserted containing bedrooms and bathrooms.

The building was constructed on land at Ulsteinvik, shipped two nautical miles on a crane barge, and lifted into place on the islet.