One of the Safe Haven students.

One of the Safe Haven students.

From the construction.

From the Bath House. Tasanee gives Ruby a bath.

Homework and games in the library.

The Bath House, south facade.

The Bath House, east facade.

The Library.

The Library.


Safe Haven Library, Ban Tha Song Yang, Thailand

Architects: Tyin tegnestue, Rintala Eggertsson and students from NTNU, Trondheim In January 2009, Tyin invited 15 students from NTNU to a workshop at Safe Haven Orphanage. The orphanage needed a library and new sanitary facilities. Food and education are the most important things the orphanage has to offer the children, but the library is also a place for play and for social gatherings.

The library stands on a foundation of local stone. A concrete block wall cools the building during the day, and an open bamboo façade allows ventilation.

Safe Haven Bathhouse, Thailand

Architects: Tyin tegnestue and students from NTNU, Trondheim The hot and humid climate of Northern Thailand makes personal hygiene important. The new sanitary building contains toilets and washing facilities in two concrete rooms with an open bathing area in the centre. Drainage has to be solved locally, and has to allow for the wet season. The toilet floors are drained gravel and can be hosed down.