The ferry quay and the service building.

The ferry quay and the service building.

View from the waiting room.

The main structure is an inverted steel vault. A glass facade faces the village on the other side of the bay.

Covered outdoor space ­between the kiosk and the waiting room.

New quay seen from the village.

Site plan.

Site model.

Model of the in-situ concrete structure.

Building site with the main structure in place. The inverted steel vault rests on two concrete walls.


Section through waiting room.

Section through covered outdoor area.

The brief called for the design of extensive groundworks surrounding a new ferry quay, as well as a new service building for passengers. The response has been to try to minimise the circulation area, whilst giving the quay and its structures a clear sculptural form.

The project has been a design-and-build contract, and most elements have been prefabricated. The service building consists of two in-situ concrete walls, supporting an inverted steel vault. The vault stabilises the rest of the glass and timber structure, and covers the outdoor waiting areas.