Høse Bridge. Picnic pavilion on the far end of the bridge.

Høse Bridge. Picnic pavilion on the far end of the bridge.

The floor opens in the middle of the span.

The concrete picnic pavilion.

The bridge resonates with the sounds of the water.

The pavilion is on the opposite side from the village of Sand.

The closed bridge intensifies the experience of the river.

The closed structure is an acoustic resonator for the sound of the water.

Corner detail at the junction of structure, wall and roof. Railing in the forground.


Site plan.

The bridge is located just north of the town Sand on the west coast of Norway. It is the result of extensive design process together with Czech architect Ivan Kroupa, where the inhabitants of Sand were given the opportunity to vote on some of the initial ideas.

The bridge, which connects the town to a vast wooden landscape, consists of two steel lattice beams in corten steel clad with steel sheets, with a small concrete pavilion on the south side of the river. The structure provides an enclosed acoustic space above the middle of the river with a view through a steel grate directly down to roaring forces of the water.

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