Entrance plaza with bicycle parking.

Entrance plaza with bicycle parking.

West-facing facade.

Stair from the lower level to the circulation hall.

Reading room. Artwork by Anna Gudmundsdottir.

Waiting area. Artwork by Hanne Heuch.

Service conduit in the floor, open.

Service conduit in the floor, closed.

Treatment booth in the clinic.

Training centre.

The Dental Faculty in the evening rain.

Landscape plan.

Plan level 0.

Plan level 1.

Plan level 2.

Plan level 4.

Cross section.

The new building for the Dental Faculty of the University of Bergen finds itself in a grand space in the hilly landscape, surrounded by historic villas and mature trees.

The main circulation hall of the new building runs along the street, and the overall height of the volume respects the surrounding buildings, with two storeys to the west rising to four storeys to the east. A central atrium provides daylight for the clinical spaces. The services are technically sophisticated, and integrated in the building with distribution at floor level.

The colour scheme reflects the colours of the surrounding villas, with the bright red of the main hall providing an invigorating contrast.