04 Feb, 2016
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"An Open Narrative"

By Raja Moussaoui
Byline: Raja Moussaoui Raja Moussaoui trained as an architect and works as a designer and journalist, telling stories about design, city building, and the social impacts of both. She is the co-creator of In-Context, a national video series and online publication on Canadian architecture.
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12 Nov, 2013
Questions / Building Reviews

"Maggie’s Aberdeen: A Gentle Retreat in a Hard Town"

By Herbert Wright
Byline: Herbert Wright is a London-based contributing editor of the UK's Blueprint magazine, a columnist on the Royal Institute of British Architects Journal, an art critic, architectural tour guide and the author of books of skyscrapers and urbanism. He curated the first edition of Lisbon Open House in 2012. He is a Physics graduate of the University of London.
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05 May, 2009
Questions / Building Reviews

"Highlights in Norwegian Wood" – a review of Helen & Hard's Preikestolen Mountain Lodge

By Michael U. Hensel
Byline: Michael U. Hensel is an architect, researcher and writer. He is currently Professor for Research by Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Director of the Emergent Technologies and Design Master Program at the Architectural Association in London, member of OCEAN – Research and Design Network, and board member of BIONIS – the Biomimetics Network for Industrial Sustainability.
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