In the toilet at Vestfold University College you could suddenly find yourself eye to eye with some of the heroes of the past.

Photographic portraits have been mounted in the mirrors at five of the toilets at Vestfold University College, portraits that are only visible as you approach the mirror. They represent heroes from the different study areas of the college; well-known authorities within their fields. They have historical significance, but are still “alive” today, and point the way into the future.

Eye to eye with philosopher Arne Næss.

Eye to eye with author Astrid Lindgren.

When you get close, they overlap your own mirror image, creating a meeting in time and space – a space for reflection, in both senses of the word.

Eye to eye with pioneer nurse Florence Nightinggale.

From the mounting of the installation. Components: Semi-translucent mirrors, manipulated photographic portraits, stainless steel, sensors and light.From the mounting of the installation.

From the project proposal. “To make a space for reflection, a space between the physical and the mental space, which challenges the understanding of both.”Illustration from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. Ill.: John Tenniel

Qr-codes on the shelves in the college library where works of the five heroes are found, take you to the project website, creating further connections.

Polar explorer Roald Amundsen.Pioneer nurse Florence Nightinggale.Childrens' author Astrid Lindgren.Philosopher Arne Næss.Scientist Marie Curie.