Brendeland & Kristoffersen and their NTNU architecture students conceive and deliver the anniversary gift from the university to the city.

The Megaphone was a gift to the city from the NTNU University.It gives room, and sound, to a variety of cultural activities.From the inaugural concert.

The Megaphone is a gift from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to the city of Trondheim on the occasion of NTNU’s 100th anniversary. It was developed by students at the NTNU architecture school, and erected in a public park.

The Megaphone.

The Megaphone.

The Megaphone.

The Megaphone is an 18 metre long cut cone made of 3 mm steel sheets, mounted on eight columns. The exterior is painted white, while the interior is painted with high gloss black, which makes it reflect light and colour as well as sound. Acoustically, the Megaphone with its 6-metre maximum diameter catches and transmits sounds from the environment, as well as working as an enormous, well, megaphone.

Location plan.

The Megaphone under construction.The Megaphone being readied for shipping.The Megaphone on the way to the centre of Trondheim.

Construction drawing, plan


The Megaphone is still standing and can be visited in the Tordenskiold Park in Trondheim.